Company Profile

Name: Scumed srl
Date of birth: 1978 by the three founders: Meroni Patrizia, Meucci Giancarlo, Miccoli Nevio

Quickly specialized in serving mould manufacturers, Scumed started a global research project to bring his customers a complete set of products from all over the world, and was the first company to have a complete program for the sector. It is committed to keep his catalogue updated with all the most advanced technologies for wire edm.

Special traits: 
- Speed of order evasion
- Dynamism in serving the customer 
- Ability to research globally any product the customer needs
- Punctuality in payments

Scumed S.r.l.
Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 307/3
20099 Sesto S.Giovanni (MI)
Tel. +39 02 240 54 51
Fax +39 02 240 94 72
Legal notice
C.F.: 04239450150
P.iva: 00774350961
Capitale sociale: 32.760,00 i.v.
Reg. Imprese Monza: n° 34273
Rea: 999162
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